Pre-workout Corrective Exercise #3 | Hamstring Stretch

Recently I have been preaching the benefits of the Theraband Stretch Strap. It is similar to a yoga strap, but with some elasticity – which I feel gives a safer and better stretch. My favorite progression is to stretch my hamstrings and glutes from many different angles. You can really feel the flexibility and relief after just 5 minutes of work.    

Pre-workout Corrective Exercise #3 : Supine Hamstring Multi-Angle Stretch – with Theraband Strap

Alignment Issue:  Over anteriorly (forward) tilted pelvis

Muscle Imbalance:   Tight Hamstrings and/or Glutes

Pain Symptoms:  Lower back soreness and tightness.   Hip or Buttocks pain.  

Common Cause:  Sitting down for long periods.  Excessive exercise (specifically running or walking)

How this works:  Static stretching is still an effective technique for lengthening muscle and myofascial tissue.   A light pull on the tissue can help to re-align the cross-bridges within a muscle.  This brings it closer to its ideal resting length and optimizes the muscle for injury-free exercise.   

Equipment:  Theraband Stretch Strap.  This is a great tool for many stretches.  Available at Amazon for $16:    


  • Use a soft mat or towel to lie down on your back.
  • While grabbing each end, put the Theraband strap (or yoga strap) in the middle of your foot. 
  • While keeping the stretch leg straight pull it towards your torso until you feel your first resistance/stretch in the back of your leg – HOLD for 30 seconds. 
  • Pull further if possible – HOLD for another 30 seconds


  • Outer Hamstrings: Slightly pull the leg in while pulling towards your torso
  • Inner Hamstrings/Inner Thigh: Slightly pull the leg out while pulling towards your torso
  • Upper Hamstrings/Glutes:  Bend your knee about 45 degrees while pulling the leg towards your torso 
Derek Heintz