Corporate Edge


Fitness and Nutrition Programs

Edge Fitness offers corporate clients a complete onsite fitness program. We have an array of fun, educational exercise and nutrition seminars that will motivate your employees to achieve their fitness goals. Your staff can take advantage of our educational workshops, outdoor group workouts, wellness programs and one-on-one personal training services. Best of all they never have to leave the office. We can even help you set up and manage your corporate fitness center.


Onsite Training

Fitness Workshops
Nutrition Seminars
Fitness Programs
Weight Loss Challenge
Group Fitness Challenge
Outdoor Group Workouts


Fitness Consulting

Employee Needs Analysis
Fitness Center Assessment
Staff Training


Fitness Facts

Employee Benefits
Improves physical and mental health
Reduces stress
Increases motivation and alertness
Improves concentration and creativity
Reduces drinking and smoking

Company Benefits
Reduces healthcare costs
Increases retention rates
Improves morale
Increases productivity
Reduces absenteeism
Improves recruitment

In appreciation for their services, the San Diego Sheriff’s Department thanks Edge Fitness and their team for enhancing the fitness level of our deputies.
— San Diego Sheriff's Department, Court Services Bureau